• Origami-Inspired

    This paper presents a mechanical metamaterial with tunable shape, volume and stiffness. Its approach exploits a simple modular origami-like design consisting of rigid faces and hinges, which are connected to form a periodic structure consisting of extruded cubes.

  • Buckling-Induced Kirigami

    This paper investigates the mechanical response of thin sheets perforated with a square array of mutually orthogonal cuts, which leaves a network of squares connected by small ligaments. It indicates that buckling in thin sheets perforated with a square array of cuts and subjected to uniaxial tension can be exploited to form 3D patterns and even create periodic arrangements of permanent folds.

  • origami-kirgami

    Snake-Inspired Robot

    Snake-inspired is a soft robot that is faster and more precise than its predecessor. The robot is made using kirigami. As the robot stretches, the kirigami surface “pops up” into a 3-D-textured surface, which grips the ground just like snake skin.